Heilongjiang Sendi Liquor Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. It is located in Qitaihe City, Heilongjiang Province, which is the beautiful "home of China Winter Olympic Champions".

Heilongjiang Sendi Liquor Co., Ltd. has three branches, a marketing center (Beijing), the company covers an area of 36,000 square meters, the factory building area is 16,000 square meters, 120 employees, annual production of various series of oak barrels 200,000, annual output value of 65 million yuan, after 23 years of development, Heilongjiang Sendi Liquor Co., Ltd. has become the leading domestic professional production of oak barrels.

In 2014 Heilongjiang Sendi Liquor Co., Ltd. formally cooperated with the French global barrel industry to introduce a complete set of production equipment in France, which was handed down by the famous French barrel-making expert, Carbra Jean Jacques. Oak barrel raw materials imported 100% of France and the United States 100 years of high-quality oak.

Heilongjiang Sendi Liquor Co., Ltd. has developed into more than 80 kinds of products in 4 series, and 8 products have been patented. From 2008 to 2010, Sendi products were rated as "famous trademark of Heilongjiang Province" and "famous brand of Heilongjiang Province", and in 2012 Sendi oak barrels were recognized as "intangible cultural heritage of Heilongjiang Province". Over the years, Sendi series products have been highly recognized by customers at home and abroad.

Sendi people will create an international brand for the Chinese oak barrel industry, and strive hard.

       bwin中文平台-官方网站 始建于1996年,坐落在风景秀丽的“中国冬奥冠军之乡”——黑龙江省七台河市。

       bwin中文平台-官方网站 有三个分厂,一个营销中心(北京),公司总占地面积36000平方米,工厂建筑面积16000平方米,职工120人,年生产各种系列橡木桶200000只,年产值6500万元,经过23年的发展,bwin中文平台-官方网站 已成为国内专业生产橡木酒桶的龙头企业。

       2014年bwin中文平台-官方网站 与法国环球桶业正式合作引进法国全套生产设备,由法国著名制桶专家卡巴西·让雅克亲手传授。橡木桶原料100%进口法国和美国的百年优质橡木。    

      bwin中文平台-官方网站 产品已发展成到4大系列类80余种产品,有8项产品获得专利。2008年-2010年bwin中文平台产品被评为“黑龙江省著名商标”、“黑龙江省名牌”,2012年bwin中文平台橡木桶被认定为“黑龙江省非物质文化遗产”。多年来bwin中文平台系列产品得到了国内外客户的高度认可。


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